Since , Wrangler's jeans for men have been the American standard for comfort and durability. Browse men's jeans by fit, rise, size, price and more.

Also what do you think of casual boots in blue? Hi, Is it okay to pair a pair of brown or gray colored jeans by freego with a blue Converse shoes?

Plus Size Jeans for Women | TorridMade for a Perfect Fit · Sizes 10 -
Democracy is a denim-based casual lifestyle brand devoted to the woman who grew up with fashion, but then got busy with life. Founded in , Democracy created the “Ab”solution jean using the latest technology to enhance women’s individual shapes.
Since , Wrangler's jeans for men have been the American standard for comfort and durability. Browse men's jeans by fit, rise, size, price and more.
Since , Wrangler's jeans for men have been the American standard for comfort and durability. Browse men's jeans by fit, rise, size, price and more.
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They are perfect for spring, summer and fall. I also love the Jag jeans. The no zipper and buckle waistline is what got me to try them in the first place. I just love how comfortable they are and what a nice smooth appearance I get around my waste from these pants. They look very current and modern. My faves for years now. I wear these jeans in the blue denim color and love them. The fit of the black pair is at least two sizes larger.

I ordered the blue at the same time, and they fit perfectly. I wondered if this is the norm or are they possibly defective. I have three pairs now and would order more if they came in more colors. I am 5'4", lbs and they fit me perfectly Fabric is comfortable but, here in Arizona, these pants are definitely for cooler weather. I liked the dark color of these jeans, but they were very baggy in the legs and tight in the waist.

If the legs had not been so baggy, I would have kept them. I have lots of Nora jeans, and these fit just as always. I just keep ordering more Nora, even the other Jag cuts don't fit as well.

These are true skinny legs, and inseam is generous - I normally wear " and folded these up one inch. And these are true black -- beware that some called black void actually are blue - I compared this to the Malia slim and the colors were very different!

I like the Malia jeans, I have a pair that fits perfectly in blue. This pair in black -- well sort of black -- was stiffer and dug in at the waist. Also they leg was not slim in either pair, more like straight leg. As for the color, I ordered both this and Nora in Black Void. While the Nora was indeed black, this was very dark blue and not at all the same color. I kept the Nora, those are my favorite Jag jeans anyway.

The fit was true to size. Size 6, 5'9" The length is shorter than Slight bell at the bottom, so am returning. Something has gone awry with the Peri jean waistband stitching and technique. Of the 3 pairs I've ordered, all have waistbands that don't stretch, although the jeans fit perfectly once I can pull them over my hips. It's actually painful to pull the jeans up over the hip bones. The waistband just won't stretch and it makes pulling up the jeans a real ordeal. I've never experienced this with any other Jag jeans, shorts, or cords.

I've sent all pairs back. Too bad, as I love Jag jeans and they fit so well. Bleaching and Re-coloring Wrangler Jeans. Fun with a Washing Machine and a Gallon of Bleach. This article reports on the fun I had changing the colors of Wrangler jeans and other clothing items I decided to throw in the washer.

I had a couple pair of Wrangler jeans that fit me well, but unfortunately, the colors were not all they could be, indeed they looked rather shabby. One pair was a rather unattractive dark charcoal gray, and had some odd looking spots on them already.

Perhaps I wore them once while doing the laundry. The other pair an inexpensive pair of black wrangler jeans off the Wal-Mart shelf. These were once black, but from repeated washings had turned a very uneven dark gray. Meanwhile I scrounged about in search of other clothing items that were either stained to the point of being about ready for the rag bag, had unattractive colors or whatever.

I decided to try bleaching all of these at once, along with the jeans, and see what would happen to the colors and the stains. In the early s, it was popular for guys my age to simply pour bleach on blue jeans full strength, leaving rather uneven near white splotches on the dark blue denim. Most of the threads used in home and commercial sewing are now made of polyester not coton. As a consequence, they tend to be more nearly color fast and therefore less susceptible to the bleach treatment.

Be aware of this. Basically you control a number of variables that ultimately determines the degree of color change in the garment. First, there will likely be the most color change in all-cotton fabrics. Second, you can adjust the amount of bleach in the washer up or down, and a higher concentration of bleach will lead to more color change.

Third, you can adjust the amout of time the fabrics sit and soak in the water-bleach mixture. You could, for example, up the time to, say 30 not 15 minutes, in which case I would run the dasher in the washer for a minute every 10 minutes or so to avoid streaking.

Fourth, if you don't like the results from your first try, you can always repeat the entire process, but remember, you can lighten not darken with another treatment as outlined above from the top. So it's best to run an experiment using old garments first, stuff you do not care much about if it turns out not quite right. You can toss anything in the washer you want to lighten, yellowed tee shirts and underwear, old dish rags, whatever. The dyes coming out of the fabrics all quickly neutralize.

Founded in Canada and renowned for their signature style, Silver blends vintage and modern detailing with the curve-hugging fit of its denim. Another popular option is the Elyse - with a more relaxed fit through the hip, this style is said to be "anti muffin top". Only available online, the Mazy high rise skinny is a trendier option. Try it in black!

Founded by Georges Marciano in , iconic denim powerhouse Guess has been an enduring symbol of youthful clothing and feel-good jeans with extra va-va-voom. Bootlegger is proud to sell Guess Jeans in Canada! Two of the most popular styles include the Power Skinny and Power Curvy; sexy yet easily-worn jeans that are sure to become your go-to pair. The name 'Mavi' is derived from the Turkish word for Blue. Mavi was founded in , on the premise of easy-to-wear, premium jeans inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Each season, the mid-rise Adriana ankle length skinny jean comes with exciting, eye-catching new details.

The official Levi’s® US website has the best selection of Levi's jeans, jackets, and clothing for men, women, and kids. Shop the entire collection today. Official website of Just Black Denim®. American made contemporary women's denim brand dedicated to quality and craft of women's jeans. Founded on the latest trends on the best fit, skinny jeans, shorts, straight leg, denim skirts & bootcut. Explore our collection here. Since , Wrangler's jeans for men have been the American standard for comfort and durability. Browse men's jeans by fit, rise, size, price and more.