Alexander Wang was already set to live-stream his fall show on Saturday via, but the designer has decided to take his “of the people” mentality to the next level. He became “fixated with the idea of projecting the live feed onto a New York City wall,” he tells WWD, and at the last minute, he secured the ultimate location: Times Square.

It's really just the timing.

alexander wang on rocco ritchie, street style, and the power of youth culture Fresh from the third and final drop of his brand new collection for Adidas, the creative genius shares a few pearls of.
Alexander Wang has decided to place his New York City apartment on the market. The loft space in Tribeca is listed by Corcoran Real Estate, the company by Leigh Raper.
Alexander Wang store in SoHo. Drag the street view to look around °. The New York Loft Board, charged with regulating and resolving issues regarding the legalization and use of certain loft buildings converted to residential use, assisted artists-in-residence in negotiating the complex legal issues.
CFDA winner Alexander Wang celebrates his new Soho New York flagship store with American Express. Q+A chats it up with the designer at the exclusive AMEX card member-only shopping event.
This store is a good size and they feature a nice variety of merchandise. I am a fan of Alexander Wang's bags, shoes, as well as T by Alexander Wang report2day.mlon: Grand St, New York, NY
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New York City's new Gucci flagship store—the world's largest—features three glass-enclosed floors of the line's legendary clothing, accessories and more. More Info Tiffany & Co.

The purpose is to introduce and promote the brand new makeup products presented by Alexander Wang to its target consumers. Focused on presenting knitwear designs, a lifestyle brand started to form. The second flagship store was opened in Beijing Sanlitun Village in Also in , Alexander Wang became the new creative director of the high-end luxury brand Balenciaga. Campaigns featuring famous celebrities and immediate first-hand sample sale news Worldwide Store Distribution Over 15 stores locate in different countries globally now.

Negative press evaluation Ineffective quality control Insufficient capitals for product development Increasing price: Due to the oversea manufactory, it is hard for designer to control the overall quality of the pieces. As a private owned company, Alexander Wang is not available for outside stockholders. With the increasing price of the apparel line Alexander Wang and T by Alexander Wang, the target customers, who are aged from 20 to 35, tend to lose it loyalty towards the products.

Plastered posters all over downtown New York when he started the brand. Promoting his Fall collection through a short film projected on walls of buildings in Union Square. The rapid store-network expansion effort in recent years also indicates its satisfying sales growth. Marketing Objectives Profitable Untapped Market Based on the research for the major competitors, none of the contemporary apparel labels owns a market intention in the current cosmetic market. The increasing number of loyal customers of the apparel lines of Alexander Wang Inc.

The adapted classic elements from garment to cosmetic products would definitely stabilize the group of loyal customers Main Marketing Goals The primary marketing goal is to provide with new cosmetic products that can be accepted by the existing loyal customers of Alexander Wang.

Expected Sales, Market Share and Profits positive market reactions and large groups of loyal customers would guarantee the good sales of new cosmetic line New cosmetic line would bring ideal profits and feedback as well since the cost of collaboration is relatively low Alexander Wang would expand the market share by filling the blank part of cosmetic lines carried by a contemporary designer.

The collaboration will also satisfy the loyal customers with more options in cosmetic field and attract more potential customers Opportunity Untapped Market There is no contemprary designer label markup line existing in the current cosmetic market, while the market is expected to grow fast and steady. Few Competitors Even though most of them already give licensing to perfume manufactures, major competitors of Alexander Wang, such as Helmut Lang, Jason Wu, 3.

Issue Less product variation For cosmetic products, It might be difficult for the company to come up with new products that appeal to its target consumers but at the same time still stay true with its design spirit.

Uncertain market acceptance the new target consumers may not favor the cosmetic lines that Alexander Wang develops and this dislike may extends to the ready to wear and T-by Alexander Wang collections. Emerging Competitors Once Alexnader Wang develops its cosmetic line, other apparel designer label brands would very likely determine to enter the beauty market.

Hence, there will be more competitors emerging in that market. Price The price may vary by the number of products available in the market and time of promotion during the year Place Alexander Wang official physical stores and online store www.

Both physical and online Major beauty products retailer: Sephora, etc Promotion campaigns in major fashion magazines advertising on the official website and major social networks Using the internal data system and send email advertisement to the customers who had purchase history of Alexander Wang apparel products Action Taken Social Network Invest on promote interesting advertisments on TV channels and other social networks, which is similar to what Alexander Wang did with the comedy actress Bon Qui Qui for its apparel lines in order to gain product awareness.

I introduced myself, mentioned where I worked, and asked if we could have a quick look around the office. As you can imagine we're not… it's not that we have anything to hide, but no.

I'm afraid I can't have you look around. You'd need to speak with our press rep. We're not allowing anyone in. Give her Christina's number," he told the receptionist. I asked again if this was where the actual garments are manufactured. And that was that. No sight of hunched-over, overworked employees. No cramped spaces full of dark Dickensian sewing machines. The discretion of their employees doesn't mean much, and other than the standard office clutter, there was nothing unusual or exceptional about the space or our interactions at all.

While the office normalcy doesn't point to any seedy goings-on in the world of the fashion underbelly, it certainly doesn't disqualify them either.

So is it true?

Alexander Wang

I am a fan of Alexander Wang's bags, shoes, as well as T by Alexander Wang basics. If you are a fan of neutrals and enjoy edgy details such as studs, chains, etc. this is the store/designer for you. I recommend stopping in here next time you are in the area/5(41). Profile. Opened in February , the Alexander Wang flagship is a bold, white-marble-dipped palace that seems befitting for the celebrated designer’s first-ever store. Shop Alexander Wang Designer Clothing, Shoes and Bags. Find a large selection of Alexander Wang products on WELCOME TO THE BARNEYS NEW YORK PRIVATE JEWELRY SALE. Continue × To ensure we are providing you with the best online experience, we use cookies to store .